Disk converted to simple partition while making new partition, now OS won't load

I wanted to create a new partition to try out linux. So I decided to shrink E: by 20 GB. I then formatted the free space into a new drive by right clicking and creating new simple volume. I was warned that the drive would be made "simple", but not knowing the implications, I went ahead with the procedure.
Now on rebooting, windows won't load. Thankfully I had made a repair disc, so was able to use it to check for any start up errors. It reported none. Moreover I used "diskpart" through cmd to find volume c: is dynamic.
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  1. It sounds like you possibly clobbered your MBR. Without your MBR, your hard drive will not boot. Use GOOGLE to search for "MBR", and what to do to restore it.
    If you create a new partition, you need a boot manager to gain access of all your partitions. More than likely, your new partition has not been flagged as "bootable", so the boot software will ignore that new partition.
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