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I am trying to help my brother configure a reasonably priced new PC, but I have been away from the component selection process for a couple of years and feel a little helpless. I'd like your opinion on this.

To support his legacy stuff, it would seem like the Intel mobo D102GGC2L would work. For performance and low power needs, I like the Intel Pentium D 915. The mobo says 800/533 FSB and "memory standard DDR2 533", but the D915 says 800 FSB.

Let's stay with Intel. My questions:

1. Is this a match made in heaven or does it suck?

2. Will DDR2 800 memory work ok or am I wasting my bro's money by not going with DDR2 533?

Thanks in advance for all contributions!!
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  1. This man has been away from the selection process for a few years...i wouldn't buy a mobo to expect overclocking ability.

    Get the boomstick running great first then read about overclocking stories for the cpu u got.
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