27in Monitor. Is it worth it?

Saw this on Newegg, what is everyones opinion.

I am about to purchase a 22 in ws lcd and stumbled upon this.

I would love to have a 27 in monitor, but I am not sure if this one would cut it.

What are some opinions out there?
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  1. This is not a LCD monitor. This is a LCD HDTV.
    Look at its resolution: 1366 x 768

    If you want a high res screen/lcd, this is not the way to go.

    I don't know if that's a good price (I haven't kept up w/ TVs).
  2. I thought the reoloution was a little low, but not a bad price for a TV.
  3. Oh yeah, if you're shopping for a TV, then I guess its not too bad. High shipping though! Besides, personally, I'd like to see the TV in action before I buy it. Maybe some stores around here have one or something.

    I (perhaps wrongly) assumed that you were going to use it with a computer. Sorry. If it was hooked up to a computer, I'd want the higher res more than the big screen. I'd kind of be like going back to 1024x768 :)
  4. Definately wouyld'nt want to go back in technologu as far as resolution. I am actually shopping for a TV and a monitor right now. There are just way too many options out there now. It was a lot easier when there were only a few to choose from. Man I miss the good old days. Well maybe not.
  5. Since you're calling it a Monitor I'm assuming you want to use it as a computer monitor, so one thing I see missing is a DVI input thats kinda important since most high end video cards today have DVI outputs.

    When you first get it if you're a gamer you'll go through a few Oohs and Aahs, and then the reality of the resolution its capable of will make you extremely disappointed.

    So I'd suggest a smaller screen, maybe 22 to 24 still widescreen but capable of say 1920 x 1200 resolution with DVI input, then pretty much any game you decide to play you'll be blown away with.

    But if I'm off base and you want it for a TV it will be just fine, its not the best you could get but it will do.
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