How can i monitor web sites?

is there a way i can see what web sites users have been going to? i work at a school and would like to be able to see what sites the students are accessing. we did away with roaming profiles so right now i have to go to individual machines and do a search, then see whose profile its in. is there a way to keep the history folder in their network share? we're running 2k on all systems.

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  1. you could edit the registry to change the location of the folder but if it was even succesfull, the icons for today, yesterday, last week.. all point to the local machine. you couldnt look at the information anyway. your best bet is to install a proxy server. that will log all websites that are accessed through the proxy. there are other programs out there that can detect internet activity. some require clients that report back to the server and others require a dedicated port on a switch that is capable of port monitoring. if you do want to go that route and dont have a switch capable of that there is another way, but its not a good idea if you have high traffic. cs game server -
  2. interesting. i think a proxy server would be the cheapest route to go? does it slow the network down at all? i mean, noticably?

    would it be practical to dedicate one system as a proxy, exchange server and iis for our web page?

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  3. it can be a bottle neck, it depends on what kind of wan connection you have. t-1 it wont be a problem at all. cs game server -
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