Odd freezing problem on a friends pc

A friend of mine has had this really weird freezing problem recently and I'm not sure what is causing it. When hes just browsing the net and doing stuff like that, occasionally (not sure how often but its not infrequent) he gets a blank screen for a few minutes or it just freezes on him. Now this may not seem to strange, but the thing is that after hours of gaming, the problem never shows up. Only in windows. He formatted only a few months ago so I dont think viruses are causing it but ill make sure he scans for them anyway. He has fairly recent drivers too.

Specs of that system that I can remember off the top of my head are:

KV8-MAX3 mobo
a64 3000+ (s754)
1HDD I think
DVD-rom drive
couple of fans
TT 430w psu, not a fancy one tho

Thanks in advance.
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  1. what a cute kitty pic :)

    Well my friend, there's more things to worry about besides viruses these days..

    new malware called ROOTkits

    these have many deadly forms that can be worse than viruses including blue screens, login password changes, or hdd shutdowns.

    a very nice free scanner for these can be had at www.lavasoft.com, and its called Ad Aware SE personal.

    u should also goto www.webroot.com and get their spysweeper.

    U should also join the technical forum at www.minasi.com where an advanced group of techs are constantly helping ppl.

    If u have ad ware or adware personal se , this is a hacker program that mines for data, notice the spelling.

    If ur friend doesn't run a highly configured firewall, then u wouldnt believe how much trash gets fed into his pc without his permission or knowledge about it.
  2. I'll make sure he does a full scan of his system and see if it clears up the problem.
  3. What other causes could there?
  4. Well because it's in windows and not when the system is under stress it is most likely software.
    Or just plain chance. If it was completely random then I'd say maybe HDD/ram/psu. You could run a HDD scan. You could try swapping ram from another computer to see if the problem continued. You could monitor the voltages using any number of programs available. If you see dips and spikes that could be it but it would be more likely to occur under load so I doubt it's the psu.
  5. Software is simpler to fix at least, and cheaper. If we cant work it out we can always format.
  6. i just love that kitty pic :)

    ok here's more helpful advice:

    i had the problem ur friend had a few months ago too

    Assuming u have xp pro and the orig cd, what i did was run the xp pro cd and do a new install which turned out to be a reinstall.

    What xp did was save all my files without deleting them then i created another XP directory called WINTWO ( u can name it anything u want, keep it short)

    the advantage of this is u wont have to re partition or re format and therefore wont lose data.

    but the small downside is u need to be sure u have hdd space.

    when its all done u can refer back to ur old win directory to get ur old files, but u may have to re install all ur driver files, chipset, aud vid snd usb etc
  7. So you just reinstalled windows into a different directory?
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