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I'm using Intel TAT, SpeedFan, CoreTemp, and EasyTune5 to monitor my CPU temperature. TAT and CoreTemp run the same temps. 10-12C hotter than SpeedFan and EasyTune5. I doubt TAT/CoreTemp are right. It's showing 50-52C at default speed and voltages at idle! My motherboard warning beep goes off when SpeedFan hits 60C which seems right considering the sensor is attached to the motherboard, right? TAT shows 70C which is way too high. I'd prolly lock up at that temp. I bought a new CPU cooler to get my temps down at 3.6 GHz 1.4v. I hope once it arrives TAT shows a better result.
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  1. Everything is OK. TAT and CoreTemp show temps inside CPU on die. These temps should be ~ 10-15C higher than temps in ET which shows temp from mb sensor.
    Read more on that topic here:
  2. Thanks alot. That helped me a great deal.
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