Reinstalling Windows - Hard Disk Issue (SATA)

Hello guys, I've been kind of hoping you could give me a hint on this issue of mine and how to solve it.

Here goes:

I've recently had some issues with my computer freezing etc (Virus/Trojan) up untill yesterday I've been running various decent Anti Virus programs (Including spyware) w/o any changes . That's where I though, Hell I'll reinstall Windows.

I smack the CD in the drive, reboot and it all starts - But when the page whereas you can either Proceed or Repair (I of course pick Proceed) it tells me that the Hard Disk couldn't be found .

I unplug my SATA hard disk, put it in my friends computer and I start the Formating(Not sure if thats what its called, I'm danish), in hopes this would sort my problem, When the formating is done I plug it back in my own computer and it still shows the same message .

I am not sure whether or not this is a driver issue seeing as I, in the process deleted some of my SATA drivers .

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  1. You need to locate your motherboard CD (the one that came with the motherboard when you initially bought it). Using that CD you need to make a SATA driver diskette. On some motherboard CD's you have the option to create this diskette if you boot from that CD, on others there is an executable file on that CD that you can run (obviously from a different computer) to create that diskette.
    Once you have that diskette, boot from your XP CD, press F6 when you're prompted at the beginning, "Specify additional devices"... and follow the instructions from there on.
    The problem that you have is that your motherboard doesn't have the SATA controller in the chipset and the driver must be provided externally. It's the case of some old boards (such as some VIA KT600, some NForce 2 and most of the SiS older motherboards).
    Good luck!
  2. Thanks a lot mate :]
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