ASUS P5N32-E SLI 680i chipset fan??

i bought a p5n32e sli 680i on new egg for 270$. The motherboard does not come with a optional cooling fan. but i plan on overclocking and really need one since the bridges do run hot. does anyone know where i could find a good chipset fan like the evga 680i optional fans??
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  1. bump bump bump!
  2. I am getting the exact same board and was wondering the same thing. So I just read and read this board to find out what to get.

    I'll be going with the following:

    Thermalright SI-128
    Silenx 120mm fan (IXP-74-14B)

    That Thermalright has gotten some great reviews and we all know a Silenx fans are ultra quiet with great airflow.

    Do a search on them if you like, you'll be happy.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Here are couple.

    @ Animatorelf14 - with Thermalright SI-128 the optional fan might not fit due to the size of Thermalright SI-128.
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