Stacker 830 vs TT armor

I'm looking to build new and I want a case that will last for a good few years and systems...both of these look good and seem to have excellent cooling (i'm doing air not water). I think I prefer the look of the stacker (I dont get the flap things on the front of the armor), but the TT armor is cheaper. Can anyone provide an objective view?
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  1. Dont buy the TT i'm RMA'ing the Armor as we speak flimsy front panel, cracks on the window where the vent has been attached. Ultimately my decision was made when i tried to contact there support 3 emails and one week later ive still no reply do yourself a favor and get the antec 900 ;)
  2. I have the 831 (which is a newer version of the 830 without the BTX kit but otherwise the same case) and my brother has the Armor.The stacker isnt as big as it looks , it has only :) 9 drive bays so if you want to load it with drives have in mind that 3 of them are gone anyway using the HDD box with the 12cm fan.If you want another 12cm fan infront things get real tight.It still has plenty of room inside ,more than the Armor down and right of the mobo plus you can easily fit every PSU you want in it and you can manage your wires easily.Quality isnt all i expected since the Wavemaster i had before that was superb,but its still very solid and better than the Armor although you might have problems with the side panels and front door.
    So having experience from both i can say 830 is well built in general and better than the Armor but you can put more fans in Armor (have you seen the side 25cm fan? ) and its cheaper.Both are good i guess but if i were to buy a case today i would get the original stacker :)
  3. I'll third it :)

    The Antec 900 is great looks great, roomy enough for any 8800, great airflow. My only qualm is that cable management is a bit hard, but not impossible. Oh yeah and be sure and pick up a magnetic screwdriver to put in the screws to the hard drive... Someone needs be fired at antec for whoever designed those drive cages...
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