P5B Deluxe/Wifi PCI-E Link Width Bug- Any Solutions?

Hi, does any ones know if there are any proven ways to sort out the bug with the P5B Deluxe where the PCI-E link width sticks at x1 when overclocking (for some users) thus crippling your graphics performance?

So far the things I have tried that didn't work are-

-Upping PCI Express frequency up to 110 (didn't want to go further as I'm not sure of the safe range)
-Upping NB voltage to 1.45 (again wasn't sure of safe range so stopped there)
-Resetting NB voltage to auto
-Changing them PEG speed things to faster or fastest and back to auto
-Backing off to the last fsb that was stable before the bug happened
-Unplugging PSU and plugging back in

The only thing that got it back to x16 was going back to all default settings, which obviously isn't ideal, so if anyone else has solved it could they please let me know how they did it!

My rig=P5B Deluxe Wifi, e6400 w. Arctic Freezer 7 Pro, 2Gb Geil PC-6400 RAM, Sapphire x1950xt, Seasonic S-12 600w
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  1. Sounds like you've tried everything that I've seen to fix the problem. If you haven't already read it, here is a thread that I was involved in that discussed this problem:

    e6300 Overclocking Help...I just can't figure it out

    The OP in that thread was able to get the link width to 16x by setting the PCIe to 105.

    I'll do some more research and see if I can find more things for you to try.
  2. Yeah I did see that thread, I think that's where I heard about the bug first possibly. I read earlier that lowering the pci-e frequency to 96 helps for a lot of people but not had a chance to try yet, will try it tonight.

    Come to think of it a few weeks back when i was overclocking I remember there was a point when I reached 375fsb (i think) where my frame rates in games all dropped to single figures. I hadn't heard of this bug then so I didn't check the link width but now I'm thinking that it was probably that, and what sorted it then was loosening the memory timings, I wonder if that could be another possible solution.
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