A Little Advice Please?

Hello Guys and Gals I wondering if you could help me please.

I have overclocked my E6300 to 2.8GHZ the Rated FSB in BIOS is set to 1700 Bus Speed is set to 425.

I have increased the Vcore Voltage to 1.5 which seemed to stabalise the system because 3DMark kept crashing.

Should I be doing anything with the RAM settings to improve performance, I have set the latency in the BIOS to 4-4-4-12 manually as I did not trust the auto option.

Does anyone recommend going higher than 2.8Ghz with the CPU, I am happy to if people have got it stable because my Temps are around 50 degrees after 2 hours of playing BF2142.
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More about advice please
  1. don´t touch it :)
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