Card dead?


Not sure if this is the right section, but I think its to do with graphic card.

The problem I have is that I was playing the new battle stations midway demo and as I played it for about 10 minutes, I died and my ship started to sink. As is stunk computer froze and the screen went funny with all these lines and I could see the outline of the ship from the game.. so I thought just a crash and restarted my pc.. oh dear.. this is what I get when I run my computer..

Is this a graphic card failure? Ive had a rough chat with a few people and they said it could be 1. fan on graphics card has died.. so the card wont run without it. 2. the whole card has died. Its not the monitor as I have taken it and put it onto another computer and runs fine... I took my old crt monitor and hooked it up to the problem computer and nothing happens, the monitor has no power through it..

I'm not sure what is the fault, graphics card or if it's something else, can anyone help please?


My specs:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice 90nm (Socket 939)
OCZ 1GB (2 x 512MB) PC4800 Dual Channel Platinum Series EL-DDR CAS2.5
Hard Drive:
Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 160GB
Video Card:
Leadtek WinFast GeForce 6800 Ultra 256mb
Viewsonic VX724 17
Sound Card:
On board Fatality 5.1 Surround Sound
Logitech® X-530 5.1 Configuration
Logitech® G15
Razer Copperhead Anarchy Red 2000dpi
Mouse Surface:
Operating System:
Windows XP Pro
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  1. Usually even if the fan fails, the video card will still work until it starts to get too hot. It does look like a possible failure on the video card. Have you contacted your video card manufacture for support and possible RMA?

    XFX Support
  2. Quote:
    Usually even if the fan fails, the video card will still work until it starts to get too hot. It does look like a possible failure on the video card. Have you contacted your video card manufacture for support and possible RMA?

    XFX Support


    Unfortunately no, as the warranty expired last year so I can't RMA... and theres no point in asking leadtek for help as the cards broke and out off warranty, so it can't be fixed.
  3. Damn dude that sucks.

    I had a Radeon 9800 NP (non pro) do the same thing to me last summer, except it acted fine until I booted to Windows and the GPU started piling on the corruption on my desktop.

    However my problem was not because the card was faulty - my PSU had overheated, and subsequently started to malfunction causing the graphics and stability problems I was experiencing.

    Here is a couple of things that I would do if this were happening to my system:

    Check to see if your 6800 Ultra will work in another system. If it posts and you can get it to boot to Windows without problems it's probably an inadiquate power supply or defective motherboard. Also, try testing another video card in your system to see if it does the same thing. Always rule out that your motherboard, CPU, and RAM are not the problem. RAM tends to go flaky more than anything these days.

    I noticed you didn't list what kind of power supply you have either. THIS IS A BIG ONE considering NV40 tends to be power hungry (for it's day at least) so you need to have a 480w PSU with 18 amps on the 12v rail in order to ensure stable operation. This is nVIDIA's recommendation. And if you have an AGP card make sure it has it's own rail. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good PSU (and I'm sure mpilchfamily, the resident PSU guru here on the forums would agree) for long term stable operation, and to prevent possible damage.

    Keep us posted and good luck bro.
  4. No i dont think it is dead, which bring me back to the voodoo 3000 video card. I had the similar problem and it was directx issue. Two things may fix the problem change refresh rate to adapter default or as low as it can go if that dont work dxdiag at the run and disable direct 3d and see if tis fixes the problem. Remember you will have to enable direct 3d also disable fastwrites in bios. do that first fastwrites
  5. Thanks for replys.

    @ Mr_Bluntman

    Sorry for missing that out.

    I have a 580watt hipper type r psu.. so it's good :).

    @ gomerpile

    Unfortunately no one I know is really a pc person so they wouldn't have a card spare... so I can't try. It's a pci-express card also.

    The computer is booting up to a certain part, I think to the windows loading boot screen, as the screen differs in the look of the lines slightly, meaning like I posted above and then when it/if goes to the windows loading bar part the screen turns like thicker lines with red and sliver sort of thing, although I know it's not fully booting as theres no windows start up sound or would there not be with this sort of problem?..

    With this screen mess I can't do anything so can't get on and try out the changes you mentioned. I have an old crt monitor, but when I plug it into the back of my graphics card and plug the power plug in, theres no power running through the monitor at all? But the monitor works fine when plugged into my old pc.. so again I cant get onto the pc to try out what you suggested.
  6. are you able to see the bios at all. Next take out the vcard and reset it.
  7. This is very interesting! I am actually experiencing the same problem with my 6800 GTO card in my dell. My problem started when I was starting a game and while selecting the resolutions accidently waited to long on a resolution and the screen froze. When I rebooted I found I couldn't start Vista unless I went to safe mode... same with Windows XP. I later found that if I removed the Nvidia drivers and run with just the standard VGA adapter drivers in vista or XP I am fine and can run at 1280x1024 but can't load the drivers or I get the artifacts and it freezes.

    Any ideas? I tried reinstalling the drivers and once they start activating it freezes. I flashed the cards bios a few time with the ultra bios, another GTO bios and back to the original bios. I took the card out and then reinstalled... I don't have another card to test with... I'm actually in Vista now typping this.

    Any help would be great!!!


  8. I suggest then that you take your computer to a shop where they can do all of the above plus diagnostics. Or better yet buy a new video card.

    As for beaseac - this is EXACTLY what my old 9800 did. You might want to invest in either a new power supply and/or motherboard if you haven't already damaged your card by tinkering with the BIOS.
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