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Apologies for the rubbish question (particularly to those who have answered it 100+ times already)...

Is there any definitive answer from ATI as to a timeframe for delivery of dx10 cards? There's nothing helpful on their website.

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  1. ATi's

  2. i heard that they launch sometime in late february but thats just what i heard, im probably wrong. I know they will most likely launch before april though.
  3. Thanks very much for that.

    Since uber g pointed me in the right direction, I've spotted a lot of benchmark reviews, etc which all point toward a late February release. So it sounds like you are right, notwithstanding that these companies chop and change release dates at a mile a minute!

    Cheers for the information.
  4. Sound like March - April is the time.
  5. yup March /April here also (more leaning towards the April side) btw the uber x2k series pics leaked out i think the inq has the links
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