vga water cooling vs fan cooling

hi, im planning to change my vga stock cooler because i want lower temps, i have a 7900gt and the temp idle is around 60C.

My point is that i live in Panama and the normal temp in this country is arround 30-35c so you know this country is hot.

I dont know if the watercooling will do the best performance vs a fan cooler.

the water cooling kit for vga that im planning to buy is the thermaltake cl-w0052

And the fan cooler is the zalman vf-900

Need advice because i know that i cant lower the temp because of my exterior temp is 2 hot but i need at least to have the same exterior temp on my vga card.

I dont plan to get the hole watercooling sistem because i have a good cpu cooler and my temp is from 38 idle to 47 in full load and i have a am2 38000+
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  1. I would suggest to buy Zalman VF 900Cu. It kept my 7900GT very cool, even when I had about 25- 28c in my room. Idle 36-40/load 45- 50.
  2. Go with the Zalman. The performance of that Tidewater will only be slightly better, if at all. The Zalman will be very quiet and will do the job well.

    You could also look into the Thermalright HR-03.
  3. im not going to overclock the card, i can play my games just fine rigth now, i only play WOW and BF2142. so with that games @ max settings i will push my card not to the extreme but at least i dont want unestable fps regading a heat problem.

    what heatsink is better, the zalman or the thermalright?
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