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OK, sorry if this is a dumb question.
Is there a tuner card that can get digital channels ??
I recently upgraded to digital cable from standard.
My old PCI tuner card can still get the lower channels, but anything about 60 - 70 it cannot.
I don't subscribe to any movie channels, and don't want to hack into anything I'm not paying for.
Just want to be able to watch TV on my computer for the Channels from 100 - 450

BTW, I have comcast.
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  1. Yes there is, but the minions like you and me can't get one -- yet. The cable companies own them and license them out (to companies like TIVO). If and when they do become available to the general public, they will still (probably) be owned by the cable voles, and to get one, you'll have to rent it from them. The only current option is to take the analog feed from your digital cable channel box and input it through a capture card, like a TV tuner or your GPU if it has capture. The other option is to get an HD TV Tuner card and capture the signal over the air (OTA), but in order to do that, you have to be pretty close to where the cable company picks up its feed. How many channels you get is a function of how close you are to that locale.
  2. you could just do what i did. just run the cable from the box to the tuner on your computer, the only catch is you have to use the box to change the channels and stuff. it works, thats what i do (i have comcast)
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