ASUS P5ND2-SLI CPU pins bent

Anyone know if there's a way to recover from a bent socket pins problem? Wondered if anyone experienced this before & had prior knowledge on possibly how to resolve it (i.e. any techniques they used)...or is it just SOL?? Moved the CPU to another, older MB & it posted OK... :roll:

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  1. It depends on how badly they are bent and where they are. If they aren't bent too badly and are easy to get to, you can attempt to straighten them out with tweezers or small pair of needle nose pliers (Be sure to ground yourself first!) If they are bent severely they may break off if you attempt to bend them back. Be patient and careful. Baby steps, once you go too far your SOL.

    Also it would be a good idea to find the problem that caused the pins to bend in the first place before you attempt to re-install the chip (If you do it again it will make it more likely the pins will break off)

    Try to make sure the chip alignment is correct it should fit perfectly into the socket, you shouldn't need to push it at all, it should just drop in smoothly.

    Good luck
  2. Thanks Alyarbank...I'll go get my magnifying glass & tweezers now!
  3. No problem, just remember to be patient and careful. Or you'll end up with one very expensive pet brush :lol:
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