SBCYahoo/2Wire, Dropped connection...Not a fun party

I'm new to networking and trying to strengthen my internet connection. Is thier a website or forum post that gives tips as to what i can do to improve my connection to make it more stable? My 2wire drops in and out and for the most part it's out. I'd really like to ensure whenever i jump on the computer it's working. Is it because of the router?

Thanks guys.
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  1. To test, hook the computer directly to the modem. If you no longer lose connection then something is wrong with the router or the cabeling. If you still drop connections, contact sbc and have them test the lines outside and inside the house.
  2. Watch the LED's on the 2wire unit. If the dsl line is not green, there is a problem with the signal, on the ISP side. I had a friend with SBCyahoo DSL and his connection was doing just that. It would be up then down. They sent a tech out to test the line. Found it weak, and tweeked the signal. No More Problem.
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