MSI P6N Platinum

Just got a reply email from Benjamin Hsu at MSI that this board will be out
"no later than 2 weeks"
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  1. Yeah, now if they'd sell it for around $140 instead of $170-$175 :?
  2. I just read a review on Hardwarezone (
    With all those copper heatpipes, I doubt $140 is realistic. The article mentions $200 Aus. which works out to about $175 American.

    I just re-read the article and it mentioned $200 - $220 US

    Personally I will wait for the 650i Ultra, as I'm not into gaming. Hopefully it will not be some cheap stripped down thing.
    I'm also considering the GA-N650SLI-DS4 (Gigabyte) or it's non-SLI brethren
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