In need of some help

I was adjusting some figures in Bios. I wasn't done. Phone rang. I come back and the wife rebooted my computer.....Moving on.

I cant get to the first screen. I have tried holding down delete, pressing delete, pressing F8. I have put all the disks in during the boot sequence. Nothing works.

I am thinking, which might be totally wrong that I am going to have to manually reset the CMOS, which I have no idea how.

Running a ASUS P5NSLI (Bad choice, but oh well.)

Any ideas, thoughts, pointers would be helpful.

You can e mail me directly at which I will get on my Crack Berry. Otherwise I will check back periodically.

Thanks everyone.
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  1. Unplug mains, switch PC off, Take out the CMOS battery for 5 minutes, replace, startup. :)

    Or you can move a pin jumper - see motherboard manual.

    Good Luck :D
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