stock/near stock voltage overclocking for work machine

Use my computer for some work-related activities and I keep them for a long time. Replacing a nearly five year-old XP 1800+ system that was slightly overclocked.

I'm not looking to pushing the computer right to the thermal/speed edge.
What I am looking for is a bit of a boost while batch processing large numbers of RAW photos, so I do want to overclock. Thinking a FSB speed in the 300-350 range.

I've read the Core 2 Duo overclocking guides and all suggest starting with a bit of a voltage boost to CPU and motherboard, and obviously RAM, and then many suggest jumping right to a FSB speed of 333. I know I'll probably have to boost RAM voltage up a bit, but what about the others if I want to just stay around FSB333?

At what point does the CPU/motherboard voltage need to be boosted on average?

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