New build w/old HD -- any install tips?

I'm giving my mom my 1st built PC and am building a new one (intel MB, dual core). Everything will be new except the hard drives, keyboard, and mouse.

Can I use the normal sequence of assembly and just drop in the old hard drives (and hope XP SP2 will discover the new hardware) -- and add other drivers later? Is there more to it than this?

Thanks for your help. mcaren
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  1. I'm fairly sure XP will throw a hissy fit when it attempts to boot up and finds that it has been moved. There maybe a way to do this but I can assure you it won't be easy.

    It'll be alot easier for you if you can backup all important data (Game files, music, bookmarks, any written work onto an external source, if you can use a small old HDD.

    You will have to reinstall Windows XP but from then on it coping files back and making windows feel like home again should be easy enough.
  2. crzy nigga
  3. If you change chipset, it is recommended to reinstall the operating system.
    It may work without reinstalling but it will be slower.
  4. I would highly recommend backing up your data and re-formating your drive once you pop it in the new rig. As the others have said, XP will usually throw a tantrum if you just swap the HDD into a new system like that.

    It can be possible to get around it at times, depends on what the old and new systems were...but it's more trouble than it's worth I think.

    On the plus side, at least you'll have a fresh XP install after doing this, which is always nice.
  5. If you are transferring PATA to PATA, most likely you will not have many problems. If you are transferring SATA to SATA, you need to replace the SATA drivers with generic ones.
    I recommend uninstalling all drivers motherboard specific or card specific prior to making the transfer.
  6. HUH? Who said anything about transferring anything?
    I would do the fresh install, a PITA but in the long run....
  7. Thanks. Will go ahead and reinstall XP. mcaren
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