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First Timer, Got some ideas need some realities!

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February 7, 2007 5:37:28 PM

I am interested in building a general purpose light gamer. I havent bought anything yet but I really only want to run a good flight simulator, office, vista in a while, internet/email. Nothing special but I love to build things and I want a HIGH quality system. I dont care how small it is but I want the best. I might learn some overclocking but Id rather have a nice setup that doesnt need it for what I am interested in. Here are some things I am leaning towards:
Antec Nine Hundred Case, replace fans with best fans that have dust shields (any ideas) or TT Armor (Both mid)
E6600 c2d

Im having trouble with the rest because if you change one, you change them all!
Here is what I know
Id like to run 2 hardrives
I like seagate but convince me otherwise maybe
I dont know who makes the best fans
I only want one vid card
I just want a good sound card not the best
I need a fan controler with temp moniter for antec 900 preferably 1 bay
I want an dvd burn and rom separate
I like PC power and cooling psu ( what wattage range?)
I want to run a decent amount of memory say 3-4g

My biggest concern is the mobo since I dont know what I need for the system I am trying to get up. I want to get ddr2 800 mem.

any suggestions to peice it for me?


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February 7, 2007 8:27:42 PM

First you need to give us your budget. You always buy the best you can afford even if you can afford anything you want, e.g., won the loterry, signed a multimillion dollar contract, or have a lover that will buy you anything you want. If the last, do they have a sister? :twisted:
February 7, 2007 8:56:09 PM

Beside budget, list your target monitor resolution (the major factor dictating the video card choice), kinds of games you play, whether you're overclocking or not.
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February 7, 2007 9:41:34 PM

Well im not sure on the budget because it could flex depending on bang for the buck ya know? Id like to say 1000-1200 but I dont need overkill like 500gigs because I have no use. So if it runs 800 great! My moniter will be a Samsung lns-3251d for now which runs 1366x768 16:9 widescreen. I dont plan on overclocking because I am thinking longterm reliability but maybe in the future if the hardware begins to get dated. I plan on putting whatever the best flight sim is, dont have it but Id like to get it when I get the system built. I want digital audio out as I will be running it to a home theater system. I also would like HDMI out but I do have dvi and hdmi in the moniter Other than that I really need suggestions!

Is the 6600 overkill for my needs?
February 7, 2007 10:32:01 PM

If you're running your sound card through a receiver, the Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS would be good. The Intel 6400 should work and would save you close to a $100. I'd get 2GB of RAM, I think 3GB or 4GB of RAM would be overkill. You could quite a bit if you went with Antec Sonata II, quiet, easy to work with, and comes with a 450W PSU, which should be sufficient give it doesn't appear you would need SLI. Optical drives are about $30. Seagate is good. The fan that comes with the Sonata is fine unless you're getting into serious overclocking. This ASUS is a nice board

Somethings to check out
February 8, 2007 1:19:08 AM

Way over budget. Still not the best. Def. quality.
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Adjust the parts as you wish. For the fan controler photos:
February 8, 2007 2:13:04 PM

that setup sounds good! my biggest issue is im not good at purchases that arent "good, better, best." Since I like quality that makes this all difficult, especially since this is my first and If I realize that I didnt like something...its ok...this is learning and growth experience for me. Thanks guys, keep the help coming!

BY THE WAY: I am interested in peice building...I might not be able to throw down all in one paycheck...So I would spend more over time...Like I might not get soundcard or videocard to start but Id like to have a running unit. I also would buy the second harddrive later, possibly the dvdrom drive since it would just be for gaming later, Id start with the burner. Is that ok or is that dumb?

Obviously I have a computer already, so this is a ongoing project. Id rather spend more overtime and have a upgraded unit over say 3-4 months. It is important for me to get upgradeable technology up front as I am sure this will be a continious build. I want to make sure I get things that will not be dated in a year. thats why I was leaning toward the 6600 hoping I could get a good 5 years out of it.