Hybrid Tuner for Vista, PCIe, ASUS P5B-Dlx

I'd like to use media center in Vista but my old ATi TV Wonder Pro isn't supported in MCE or Vista.

Ideally I'd also like a hybrid card that can do ATSC HDTV and NTSC tuning. Digital cable would be nice but is optional. FM also nice but optional.

I have some limitations with my setup: ASUS P5B which is native PCIe so PCI is done using an external bridge chip (adding latency). This alone makes me want to use PCIe whenever possible, but the other reason to use PCIe is because I have a SCSI controller on the PCI bus with my OS hard drive on it. The hard drive can already saturate the 100MB/S real bandwidth of that bus. I imagine watching HDTV would be pretty intense on that PCI bus and might cause capture problems. So I think PCIe would be the better choice for me.

So what Hybrid HDTV, Cable, PCIe, Vista ready tuners are out there?
Looks like this might be the only one:
Is it any good?
Hauppage HDV-1600 looks nice and is affordable but its PCI.
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  1. hi.
    one options for you is to use usb tuner like this one.
  2. That is true, I could use a USB device like that one. Any idea if I can use a splitter on the coax input so I don't have to switch between an antenna
    (OTA HDTV) and cable?
  3. USB tends to create system bottlenecks. Here's are some cards that meets all requirements:

  4. Looks like a nice card. Thanks for the link.

    If only it had 2 coax inputs though so I could run in NTSC cable and ASTC antenna!
  5. No prob.
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