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Microsoft CES Opener

Last response: in Opinions and Experiences
January 6, 2011 2:31:35 AM

First off I would like to say I was excited and I really enjoyed watching Microsoft's opener to CES. However, I am still going to rip what I thought to be extremely disappointing! I do not care if the product is leading the world or brand new and no one has heard about it, please get speakers to announce the project that actually seem like they know their products and are not zombies reading from a script. Now Steve Ballmer, I never thought was a great public speaker but he has to do it cause it would be weird not to see the CEO not speak at a CES Microsoft opener, the next guy(black guy) seemed at least into the product a little but still seemed like he just had no interaction with the crowd or got them excited about the Kinects brand new attractions. Now for the Kinect I thought what they showed was really cool with Netflix, Espn, and Hulu. However a game or two would have been nice but I understand that is not always as easily said as done cause games can have bugs and maybe the games that should be displayed are not ready for to be shown without bugs. So thats ok I just wish I would have got to see something other than that Kinect can now read my eyebrows. Thats great and all but I would have liked to see something a little more thrilling. Also, I just do not see my friends and I sitting around in a virtual room talking, I dont care to see their avatar talking to me. If I wanted to see them I would hangout with them and watch TV but I guess its for people maybe seperated my greats amount of distances, which is why I believe they already have a webcam feature but maybe im wrong so I wont say to much there. Next the girl came out for the Windows 7 phone, WTF! Joke after joke and crickets after crickets. She was excited to the point that she was crazy. I like seeing enthusiam but I do not like it coming from lack of mental stability. However the demonstration was pretty cool. The phone seemed to have a very smooth interface and quick connection to some very nice apps. The integration to social networking and Xbox live seemed very user friendly and overall I really enjoyed this products demonstration. The demonstrator I never want to see again unless she is no longer talking or breathing(thats harsh I guess). But the phone came out in my opinion, long ago for tech products, it was highly advertised and the features were already discussed now it was good they retold us this because I bet alot of people did not know how nice the phone really is but again some sneak peaks at ideas for the future or anything would have been nice for Microsoft followers who already knew everything found on Toms Hardware, techeye, etc. Mike I think his name was, came out next to cover the products coming out from the new SOCs and CPU's from ARM and Qualcomm. Mike was fantastic, he seemed very knowledgable, nice voice, funny, and just seemed like he really was excited about these products. Maybe I like him more than a friend haha. Seriosuly, he was the highlight of the show for me and the products were to but again I just think they put alot of time going into details of the SOC's and Sandy Bridge. My thinking is if your really into these new PC's you know what Sandy Bridge is, you know what an SOC is because its all old news to anyone who reads tech articles on even a weekly basis let alone someone like me and many others who read daily on new computer architecture and hardware, if you do not know what these are then you do not care and you just want a computer that will give you a nice interface and allow you to connect to programs quicky. My mom does not even know what a GPU is haha, let alone an SOC or even who Qualcomm or Arm is. She is a dedicated Windows user of alot of their software and wants to know why the software will help her life. I guess CES is dedicated to more tech fans so maybe that is why chose to go into such details on hardware but please at least show off more software and features. One of my biggest complaints is the tablet demonstration, I still think when your over 500 million sales behind the Ipad and Ipad 2 which is on the way, you could put more than 30 seconds into showing a laptop that forms into a touch based screen. Which I am not sure if it is classified as a tablet or not but that is about as close as they got to showing anything that compares to tablets. This is a huge market and maybe even just some pictures would have been nice or a demonstration, even if mostly video edited to make the device just look good, would have been nice. I just like to add if this CES is setup for mostly tech gurus, I would hope no one was impressed with a brand new laptop loading up powerpoint 2010 quickly and opening slides and then going to internet explorer and showing html5. My brothers windows vista laptop can do the same thing ! I was waiting for Ballmer to announce a single core processor running Windows XP 16 bit service pack 1 and then announcing a dial phone with a feature where you turn the dial for each number, ahh it pisses me off, I love Microsoft products and I just wish they would have spent a little more time in showing off tablets, an area where they have failed to be competive in as of now, and give us something on Windows 8, but maybe it is not ready and to be honest when they deliver Windows 8 it has to be something extremely special so I am ok with waiting for that. I am hoping they realease alot at once to blow a user like me completely away with features and producitivity outside of powerpoint haha. But again I really enjoyed the presentation and those were just my gripes which may seem like alot but there are always pet peeves in these areas especially when you love Microsoft Products as much as I do, so maybe I expected to much and am just upset they did not give me everything I wanted like a spoiled kid at Christmas. Thanks for reading, let me know why you agree or think I am retarded in the comments :) 

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January 6, 2011 4:11:22 AM

Good write up! However, try editing the post to make a few separate paragraphs to make it easier to read.
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