Anyone know what this means?

Sometimes (more on the rare side but it still had happened) when I shut my system off I get a window that says:


The instruction at 0x73ddllc7 referenced memory at 0x000000064

the memory could not be "read" click ok to terminate program

I got this window when I shut my system off. This happened a few months ago and the same time (shutting off system). My ram sticks are less than 2 months old. This is my gaming system. When I click ok, my system shuts off like normal. Nothing wierd goes while Im playing my games or after. The only thing I do is shut off a coupe of tasks (not running but are on the task bar such as the sound card (sb xfi, ati catylyst, and a few others)

Anyone heard of this window? Thanx
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  1. Sounds like a soundcard problem I do not know if this will work, but hope it help's. :wink:
  2. Yes, it sounds like a bug in a Creative driver and/or utility software.
  3. should I check for updated drivers or contact creative's tech?
  4. Yes, both.
  5. I suggest you do neither. That dllml.exe is a creative process that has many issues. Go to run->msconfig and disable anything that is like dllml.exe from starting up. If its not there, go to run->services.msc and disable it there. Its not important and caused many problems for me. It slowed down my entire system using up around 2-3% cpu time constantly. Come to think of it, do download the latest drivers first, since I think that process was removed (its no longer on my system). If its still there, then do the above.
  6. I went to Creative's website and got the latest driver. When It was updating the drivers my system suddenly restarted itself. When I got to the desktop it said that my system recovered from a serious error caused by the x-fi driver I downloaded and clicked on. So I went to the msconfig you said instead of the driver. I unchecked dllml. When I went to the task manager after it restarted (window said I had to restart for changes), i saw dllml.exe is still there. Was it suppose to be gone from task manager. It says processors (zero) in processors tab.

    BTW, under services and startup in the msconfig, what can I uncheck to make sure nothing is dragging my system down? What do I leave on?
  7. It will still show up in task manager (dont know why but it does) but shouldnt be using any cpu time. As for what else you can uncheck, it depends on what drivers and programs etc that you are running. There are some windows ones that are unneeded as well. Its best to google the procces/service and find out what it comes up with. Sites like usually have info on what most do, and if they are important or not.
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