160GB...WD vs Seagate for reliability

Hey guys, I'm building a new computer and just wondering which brand is more reliable. I'm going to be gaming a lot, but the performance doesn't mean that much to me. I'd rather have the longer lasting hard drive.

Both are around $70 CAD, and obviously the little details don't matter that much to me, I just want a reliable hard drive. :D
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  1. Both are quality manufacturers.

    I prefer Seagate. If you go WD - look for the Caviar SE (mainstream) of SE 16 (performance) drives. Seagate used to have the better warranty but I don't know now - you should compare the warranties.
  2. Thanks John, I'll probably just go Seagate as I've heard they have a much faster RMA system.
  3. Actually
    If you want a 160GB Hard Drive


    That's the one you want. It's actually new and is 160GB on 1 platter,
    It's more efficient and does better than its predecesors. It even outdoes the 320GB Barracuda on a couple of instances.

    http://www.anandtech.com/storage/showdoc.aspx?i=2920 - There's a review for it.

    For $59.99 and Free shipping right now, that's the 160GB to get!
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