Can\'t delete corrupt AVI file

how to delete..
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    Try download & install file unlocker. This will allow you to unlock the process that is accessing the file, allowing you to delete.
  2. Start

    Task manager
    Disable windows explorer

    cd Corupted folder
    erase *
    rd "Corupted folder" (with"")

  3. U tried to play .avi and u get msg cant delete file.
    OK, file is linked to some process like the player you tried to play(or u did something else that links to that file ) it and it wont delete .

    Use u will see an icon in notification area(next to your clock) so u know it is running and than try to delete.U get again same windows msg,click OK unlocker will pop up and u select delete file.(it will kill the process that is holding that delete.) Done.

    DigiFixIt already pointed out for u.
  4. You can use LongPath tool to delete all kind of corrupted files. It is easy to use.
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