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I wasn't too sure how to title this thread so please forgive me.

I ordered a new laptop a few weeks ago and when it was received, it had Vista installed and not Windows 7 which I had ordered, but the manufacturer is going to make everything right and send me a image disc of Windows 7.

Which leads me to my question, now that I have a key for Vista and a key for Windows 7 because of the screw up, can I use the Vista key and install Vista on my other PC and then upgrade to Windows 7?
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  1. There is nothing really stopping you from doing so, but technically the Vista key you have is an OEM key, and must stay with the laptop.
  2. What about the W7 key, it's never been registered to a PC.
  3. Did the laptop come with a Vista serial, and Vista pre-installed? Or Vista installed, a Windows 7 serial, and Vista recovery disks?
  4. It came with the Window 7 serial key, Vista installed with a partitioned back up/ recovery image of Vista.
  5. Ok... so where did the Vista key you mentioned in your first post, come from?
  6. installed
  7. You didn't pay for that key, so no you can't use it on another computer. Vista was installed on your PC by the OEM by mistake.
  8. I can use it on my laptop now, right? so yes, I did pay for it. If I never change it over to W7, it will still be legal. Basically the way I see it is, I have two legal OS's due to the mistake of the laptop manufactor, so I don't see why I can't make good use of it. It's not like MS didn't get there money for it, it was paid for by the manufacturer.

    I'm going to call MS and see if I can do this...I know that quite a few people have upgraded to W7 from Vista and then installed the upgrade on a different PC (not the PC which has the OS which qualified for the upgrade).
  9. No you didn't. You paid for the copy of Windows 7 that should have come with the PC originally. I highly doubt Microsoft is going to go along with this, but you're welcome to call them and ask.
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