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Ok, i bought my Gigabyte X1900XTX last june and now i am finally considdering purchasing a second X1900 crossfire for my system. Problem is i can't find another Gigabyte X1900 crossfire edition card for a decent price... > $385.00 There are other options like HIS or Sapphire crossfire cards that run about $250 but i don't really know those brands. I know that sapphire is well known but I would prefer to stick with another crossfire card by Gigabyte but don't feel like spending that kinda cash still just yet. My question to you all is, what benefits, if any, are there in sticking with the same manufacturer (Gigabyte) over going with another manufacturer such as HIS? Will i have a better, more stable running crossfire setup if i use both Gigabyte cards or will it probably have little to no effect at all over performance and stability?

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  1. None. Theyre the same, just different packages with extras (free games etc) and warranties
  2. You can also use a 1950 Crossfire Edition btw.

    Here's a Sapphire for $350.
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