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I live at an apartment complex...will newegg require a signature confirmation? I really don't wanna not be here and have UPS try to deliver my computer and I not be here and them just drop it on the door step.
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  1. My experience with Newegg and UPS is that if you aren't there they will either leave it with a neighbor or they will try 3 times total or you can go to one of their facilities to pick it up. They have never left anything from Newegg on my porch. Fedex on the other hand leaves everything.
  2. I have just the opisite experiance with newegg. I buy something from them at least every other week. ups as left it outside my door at least 10 times. left it at my non english speaking neighbors twice and once even left it at a store in another city. BTW that shippment got me 2 free harddrives :)

    no matter what. in an appartment UPS will most likely go to your office if someone is in there thats where they will leave it 90% of the time.
  3. Well, I live in a mobile home community (ok ok, trailer trash here) and every order has been left on my porch in the past month (x1900gt, 1gb hyperx ram, and some other misc parts) but, they tend to put it out of street visibility (behind our BBQ once).

    I'd suggest leaving a note on your door if you don't feel comfortable about it, talk to a neighbor and see if it's okay to have them referenced for a drop off spot, worked twice for me at my last house.
  4. I used to work for UPS. It's called "Driver Release."
    When a driver leaves a package at the door it is called "driver release" of the package and it is marked into the computer that way.

    Driver release are only allowed if there are definate barriers between residences to conceal the package to an extent. Or if you have a main lobby they may choose to leave it there......or give it to a neighbor(with signature) and leave a message on your door.

    Driver release is not allowed if the area has been deemed a risk (such as theft or excess number of claims.) If you have made just one claim in the past you, all your packages will require signatures in the future.

    They will leave a note on your door each day if you are not there, telling you the time they were there and the time they might deliver the next day. They will attempt to deliver the package three times until it goes back to a facility where you have pick it up yourself. If you do not eventually pick it up then it will be returned to the shipper.

    If it is a whole computer, you will probably need a signature and will not be driver released no matter what.

    Hope that helps.
  5. depends. if the outer door of the your building can be locked they will leave it in front of your apartment door (if they can get into the building). if the outer door can't be locked they will reattempt to delivery 3 times. but since your not going to be home, in all fairness you should go down to the station and pick your shit up.

    but since this is a computer, my strong guess is you'll have to sign for it. either way, you'll probably have to go the UPS station after 4:PM to get your stuff.
  6. In my experiences, UPS will always try to get signature on its first delivery attempt. You may be able to leave a note stating that so and so authorizes UPS to leave items at my front door and sign it. I've done that with them before and they took the note and left items. You could also have them to deliver it to a neighbor, or to the leasing office.
  7. ive never had to sign anything coming from newegg unless it is really expensive. >$400
  8. In my experiences.

    If I'm not home (I live in an aprtment) - UPS will leave it with the Office of the complex with the Management, and they leave a note on your door saying so..

    They've never done diffferently for me either.
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