Athlon 64 3200+ cooling problems

I have an athlon 64 3200+. Lately I've been noticing random shutdowns, leading me to believe I have a PS or cooling problem. I have a stock cooler on a retail proc. I have a digital cpu temerature monitor that is hooked up to the fins on my heatsink. It usually ranges from 25 to 35 C. However, in the bios, it says my CPU is running at 91 C, which is close to the boiling point of water. The meter says 31 C. The heatsink is generally a bit warm to the touch when the meter reads 30 C. Right now, it reads 26 C, and is cool to the touch. I'm wondering if I have a bad thermometer on the mobo, or if it is a bios issue, or just a crappy PS and not a thermal problem at all. Any ideas?
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  1. Your CPU is experiencing what Urbandictionary calls:

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    It's your motherboard.
  2. No I'm not joking, I really think it is your motherboard.
  3. Maybe your thermal interface material (thermal paste) is not well applied and thus not adequately transferring the heat from your cpu to your heat sink.

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