Which cooler for eVGA 680i (no DIY)

Hi all,

I'm planning on getting a new system pretty soon and I've settled on the E6600, 8800GTS and the eVGA 680i MB.

Through reading I've found out that many coolers won't fit this MB because of either North bridge implications or resistors on the back of the MB. I like the Zalman 9500/9700 LED, but I'm not in the mood to DIY..

Any suggestions for me?

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. You know the mod for the 9700 is even easier than most of the guides show. I lined mine up and made three simple cuts with a utility knife and it fits like a glove. Took all of about five minutes. Nice setup by the way. I chose all the exact same components. :)
  2. Thanks for the info, HeXploiT. I've been looking around for a nice deal for a while now, and this is what I've put together so far:

    PS, are you OCing the 6600? If so, what speeds and temperature with the 9700?
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