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hi all, im ordering my PC from newegg and I live in South Africa im going to use myUS to ship the components here just one question what happens if I recieve my components and say the motherboard is dead what do I do? would I have to pay shipping there and shipping back for newegg to replace it or what?
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  1. Newegg does not ship to South africa. U.S. laws do not apply there.
  2. Yeah, I've heard of it, but never usd it. That company may ship to S.A., but like I said Newegg does not ship to South Africa. You are dealing with myUS, not Newegg as far as any shipping concerns that may arise.
  3. are newegg open on sundays? i need to phone in and ask a few questions
  4. Phone Hours of Operation:
    Mon - Fri: 5:30am - 5:30pm PT

    I usually use the online chat Newegg offers when I contact the company. Newegg is just a few miles from me. They may offer on site pickup this year to us locals.
  5. I decided to leave it and just get a computer here in SA as I was having problems with paypal, newegg wouldnt accept the money from my paypal as it says im in South Africa the solution would be to get hold of paypal and get them to change it to say im from america but its so hard to get hold of paypal so I just left it its too much effort, just now my components do arrive and they are not working im not going to pay $220 to ship it there and another $220 to ship it back again
  6. u can exchang your product, while it may take a long time, and u never know whether the product delivered again is in good state.
  7. OP can exchange with a friend, but not Newegg directly. Breaking news update. Newegg does not ship to South Africa. Update. Read the thread before posting.
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