P965 Platinum: chipsetdrivers not accepted...?

Yesterday I installed Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bits. After that I wanted to install the latest chipsetdrivers for my P965 Platinum. AFAIK that's the first things you usually do. But too my amazement I got a message the drivers weren't right for my system and I couldn't install them!

Doesn't Vista need those drivers anymore...? I thought you always had to have the latest driver for a chipset... Everything seems to be working so I wonder what to do...

BTW I didn't install any other drivers (various RAID ones, ethernet, soundchip) because I don't use RAID, ethernet already worked in Vista and I have a seperate soundcard. Are there any drivers I really should install to get better performance?
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  1. Go to the msi webpage and download the vista drivers for your mobo. WinXP drivers are not supported into vista
  2. If everything's working, I wouldn't worry too much about not having drivers.

    If you want to get the best performance you should go and download the latest Vista drivers from MSI.
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