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I have an EVGA 7950GT. I have been looking for a while now about info on overclocking these newish cards. The only thing I ever seem to find is the old coolbits stuff for cards like the 6600 or something. Is there any way for me to overclock mine? Any links, tips, or info would be great. I am not looking to do anything really hardcore, I just want to be able to play a few games at top graphics. Thanks a lot in advance. :D
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  1. You just answered your own question,


    It is not for "OLD" cards it simply unlocks the "overclocking" feature within the Drivers(any drivers) for Nvidia its about the onlything that will OC your GPU, besides of course Ntune but you have to have an Nforce mobo for that.
  2. Really? Everything that I have read about it says it is for the old menu system and everything. I have the gay new Icon based setup.
  3. Still works, i used coolbits 2.0 to OC my 7900GT for the longest while.

    Use this guide it's very helpful and quite simple.

  4. There is also Rivatuner.

    Click Here.
  5. personally i dont like Riva tuner, as it doesnt OC your GPU as well as Coolbits and coolbits is far easier to use.
  6. I like ATI Tool. It might not be compatible with your video card,b ut it is with my nvidia
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