Before ordering my new machine, the last check

I am ready to order the parts for my new computer, but I wanted to share with the experts here before doing so. This setup sticks to my 1k€ budget, and even if some pieces could be improved it's a bit hard to find some stuff (a better box like the Antec P180 or a better CPU fan) at my local part store.

* CPU: Core2Duo E6600
* CPU Fan: Gigabyte G-Power Lite
* MoBo: Gigabyte GA-965-DS3
* Box: Tacens Sagitta- 54,3€
* PSU: Be Quiet BQT Straight Power E5-500W --> 87,2€
* RAM: 2xKingston PC667 - 164,4€
* HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10.320Gb - 95,3€
* VGA: Asus X1950 Pro 256Mb - 188,9€

The computer will be used for non-hardcore gaming (World of Warcraft mainly, hehe) and some light video & graphic edition. If you see any big flaw or inconsistence, please do not hesitate telling me so.

-edit- forgot to mention I won't be overclocking the system, because I want it to run the cooler the better in order to be silent, and it will be running 24/7.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hey there,

    That looks like a solid setup, I did not inspect the intercomponent compatibility, but things look right.

    I am working on a similar change. Here's my thread. I'm using the E6600, and also WAS going to go with that gigabyte ds3. It looks like a good mobo, but I think I'm going to get the Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi-AP instead (despite the big cost increase) because it has room for an SLI config in the future and on board wifi.

    Please post about your experience installing the DS3 though, I did plan on getting that board.
  2. Everything looks good, other than the CPU fan. Try a Scythe Ninja.

    Mine runs very cool and quiet!!! Quite large though. But no problem for my Antec P180B case :D
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