USB Mouse and PS2 Port will not work

I have been using the microsoft intellieye mouse for months on the USB port and suddenly stopped working (the lights would not come on the mouse either) when I rebooted windows said that there was no pointing device so I plugged in my old ps2 mouse and still the same problem even after reboot. So my computer will not recognise the ps2 mouse or usb mouse (I have not plugged anything else into the usb port.

I have never seen anything like this before. Does anyone have any ideas what has gone wrong
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  1. Looks like your PS/2 port died. How or why I don't know.

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  2. I've had the same problems. First my Mouse would uninitialize in Windows 2000 Pro after a while of taking the jack out and plugging it back in to re-initialize, then nothing. So I changed over to my PS/2 mouse that worked fine until yesterday. Windows doesn't even detect it. This is leading me to believe that there is a milicious virus at work here. Burning out communications ports? Causing the Hardware to burn out. Is that possible? I'm working on a Serial mouse now if that goes out then I know something is up. Hmmmm just gets ya a thinking. How fast did that work on you? in a span of 5-7 days? Thats how long it took for my system. To make sure it isn't the ps/2 mouse itself try swapping your ps/2 keyboard and mouse if your keyboard don't work in there either then its your PS/2 port and most likely your USB port also. I don't have another USB device or I'D try that on mine to see if they are fried. Although I have an aditional 2 USB ports I can install on my system to test. Hmmm

  3. hi all,

    i had been facing with some problems lately.
    PRoblem 1) my mouse will go died halfway thru playing counterstrike. I have to plug and unplug the mouse b4 it revives again.

    problem 2) i've tried using game pad and steering wheel on the USB connection but they both will conk halfway thru playin games. the status shows undetected.

    problem 3) there's crackin sound on and off while playin mp3 and playin counter strike..... u think it is the mobo prob, O.S problem or something else?


    tB 1.4
    MSI kt266...6380
    Asus V7700
    creative soundblaster live
    altec lansing ac54
    Win 98.
  4. One thing to check is if the mobo mounting screws arent in contact with any circuitry on the underside. I had this happen on a duron with the ps/2 keyboarb port and usb ports not functioning. It wasn't untill I removed the mobo and refitted it more carefully that it functioned properly.

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  5. Dude, that was three months ago. Hopefully it's fixed by now :)

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