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OK, I have this idea for a game and I'm going to submit it to PC Gamer (they have that contest where you can submit a game idea and they'll develop it). So, I would like everyone's 2 cents.

Imagine a game like Tribes 2, Starlancer, and Everquest all mixed together (multiplayer version) where you fight with a team based concept. Now, imagine it on a broader scale to include space. The gameplay would be FPS mixed with a 3D space FPS (like Tie Fighter or StarLancer). The whole game is based on a multiplayer environment. There are 3 factions- each controling 2 or 3 planets. In the beginning you get to choose which faction you wish to belong to- and you stay there (no switching sides). You start out with the rank of private and move on up based on the number of kills you have. As you move up, you'll have to right to control vehicles, fighters, etc. But, you still have to follow orders. The game developer will control each faction. The whole object of the game is for one faction to ultimately rule the universe.

This game would be a on going process and would require lots of players. Key people would organize assualts on a massive scale starting with a space battle then eventually landing troops on the planet to battle the enemy (other players online). You'd have the option in the beginning to either be a pilot or soldier. Imagine it, absolutely NO AI- you'd battling real people in a multiplayer environment

That's the idea of the whole game. Now, getting it to work with today's technology is another matter- but I've already got ideas on how to adapt.

If you still don't get it, let me put you in the shoes of the gamer. You start up the game for the first time, the game server asks you which faction you'd wish to join. You pick one, then it asks you if you wish to be a soldier or pilot. The game then takes you into a tutorial and some training excerises. Once you successfully complete boot or pilot school- you get assigned to a unit (controlled by a real person with game experience). You go on missions with your unit (composed of other players) destroying outposts, space stations, supplies, etc. The game works vice versa. At the same time, you must defend your territory or the station your assigned to from other factions. Each faction has different weapons, fighters, vehicles, etc.

Think of it, this would be the ULTIMATE online game of all time. This game would make Everquest and Ultima look like childsplay. What do you think? Please, I would love questions and comments

-MP Jesse

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  1. Sounds great!!!

    You could imagine people from the side that was currently losing, advertising for recruits. Eventually you would be fighting WW3. I reckon the down side would be if you had key people who were needed most of the time. Their real lives might suffer as a consequence. But then who cares!

    I reckon the best part would be to have it running 24/7. This would give the players a sence of urgency. The longer they spent time away from the game, the better the chance of their faction losing.

    Think about coupling into it a random AI factor of neutral peoples putting up opposition to planetary conquest. This would create an uncertain factor present in all real military situations. Weather, terrain, leadership, daytime/nighttime etc. can all give the feeling of real problems which can make or break an offensive.

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  2. Thanks for your input- i really appreciate it. Yeah, I kind of figured that this kind of multiplayer community would require a lot of gameplay and coordination. But, I don't think it's impossible. Take for example all the Quake and Unreal factions... those people talk to each other on a daily basis.

    Also, I was thinking of having some kind of notification system that ran in systray- it would alert you if your faction was being attacked or if you needed to be in a battle...

    The neutral AI thing is a good idea... they would be civilians or something.

    Definitely though, this game would require consessions in a gamers real life... but i know i'd make the consessions.

    -MP Jesse

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  3. I think what u described is all ready in the making.

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    It’s going to make Everquest look tiny & Unreal look like Widardry (the 1st one)

    Thx & Cya

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  4. Damnit damnit damnit!!! I knew my idea was too good to be true. Argh! Oh well... it looks like this game is even better than my idea. Man, when it hits the shelves, it's going to kick ass... Funny, i've never even seen a rumor about "Star Wars Galaxies". Thanks though.

    -MP Jesse

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  5. Come on man, keep thinking about the idea. Just because its similar doesn't mean it can't be used. Your idea could be better in different ways. Take all the best features of the games you've ever played and try to come up with an answer.

    The one pet hate I have with games is the sacrifice of actual game for graphics. Whats the point in watching a demo if you can't change it.

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  6. very nice idea... the command and follow orders at the same time follows on from games like battlezone which i view as the best 3d strategy... thats what it is... the new dune is bulls**tting to everyone "the first 3d strategy game ever" thats what battlezone is and its amazing... i just regret it being too graphically challengint for its time... it even challenges the geforce 2 which it somehow supports perfectly... anyway great idea... you could make it even more in depth... i presume by controlling other units you order around your fellow humans... that would be great but getting paid according to rank and bonuses for killing certain key elements which you could use to upgrade your ships whenever some "traders" came by upgrading weapons and the like...

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