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can anybody help me, I want to back up my i tunes music files on to a flash drive? Any suggestions???
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  1. I believe the "ghetto" way of doing it is just going to computer< music < copy and paste into the flash drive under computer.

    The professional way is by downloading a program to back up your music folder for you. Robocopy might do it, but its a complicated program.
  2. Just copy and paste everything....It's the easy and cheap way.

    Don't forget to move your MP3 file as well.
  3. I buy all my music on retail CDs. I can download it onto any music device I want and I have high quality original music that I can use to make files in a superior compression format like OGG or anything else that would come up in the future.
  4. your files have drm?
  5. here files without drm http://abcmuzic.com
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