Cannot upload a video to a site and surf on other tabs at the same time, because

cannot upload a video to a site and surf on other tabs at the same time, because the tabs never fully load! So frustrating...what is the problem and how can it be fixed??? Please help! I'm on a MacBook pro snow leopard...happens on Firefox and safari.
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  1. How are you connected to the Internet? Wired? Wireless? Personal network?

    Please clarify.
  2. Yes, connected wirelessly to my personal home network.
  3. Speed, if it helps is 20mbps
  4. It's probably saturating your upload bandwidth and although your download maybe way higher, you still need some upload speed to send requests to site and if it's saturated, nothing will work while that's going on. Save your uploading for nighttime when you're not using your PC.
  5. So there's no way to fix this problem, because it's having to do with work?
  6. What is your connection speed to your wireless router? If you connected via a wired connection (ethernet cable between MBP and router), does performance improve?
  7. Look at whether or not your wireless router has any Quality of Service (QoS) settings. If so, you can manipulate what type of data gets priority. Most modern routers have some form of QoS, just google your model and find out.


  8. If you are UK based we have horribly restricted upload speeds when compared to other countries. I bet your problem is your ISP capping your upload to something like 0.8mb
  9. I am US based, and I'll look into that tonight-what should I be manipulating exactly, if there's a way to do it?
  10. And how do I change my ISP cap?
  11. You contact your ISP and purchase a higher level of service.
  12. They only have higher download speeds-not higher upload speeds...suggestions?
  13. What is your upload speed?
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