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I am currently using Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 350 in Windows XP with Beyond TV and really like the results. I am building another PC with Windows XP x64 Edition and would like to have a TV turner in it. I want a TV tuner as good as Hauppauge that have drivers for XP 64-Bit. Any suggestions?
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  1. This is my setup
    TYAN S2927A2NRF
    1 CPU AMD 2212
    2 GB memory
    320 GB Seagate HDD
    MSI 7600GT
    OCZ Game x stream 700w
    WinTV-PVR 350
    XP Pro SP2
    Antec Mid-tower (7 years old)
    It runs multi applications at the same time without problems. This friend of mine wants one like mine with xp 64. He works at a bank, who talks with a network guy that tells him how fast and great xp 64. I was checking on the Hauppauge TV tuner and discover there are no drivers for xp 64. He video wedding and would like to do his own editing.
  2. I am already there; it is a problem just finding drivers.
    I retired from IT in 2001. I will have to turn my storage house into a workshop and post fees when it takes more that hour or two building and installing OS on PC. Thanks for the support.
  3. The site I listed in my prev post has cards with XP64 drivers. Hauppauge is not the end all, esp after they switched tuner manufacturer on some of their cards.
  4. We are returning the Hauppauge card to BB and ordering your recommendation. However, I am sharing with my friend regarding other problems that he and not me may have with xp 64. I have the system working but it has taken over 3 hours without the TV turner card and other software he wish to have install.
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