Dell XPS Gen 4 (what is my power supplys amps) please help

I have a xps gen 4 and I want to upgrade my graphics card (currently its an ati radeon x850) but i dont know what the power supply amps are. I know that its got a 450watts (it was the default power supply that came with the system) but nothing else can someone please help me. I need to know what the volts are, I presume 12v and the amps? Because its a xps gen 4 it means that I cant open the case and read it off the power supply unit because its got a green cover on it that wont come off.

I want to get a "BFG 8800 GTS" this is its internet link

please help me

Thanks in advance
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  1. he can't replace the psu, because it is custom to the case.

    I have a gen 5 with a very similar psu. I think that it should handle the GTS, but i don't know for sure. I put a GTX in mine, but since I couldn't change the psu i got this: add on psu

    it works great! no problems what so ever.
  2. You can't be sure that just any psu will work with a Dell. The pinout may be different. I've seen a few that were destroyed by new power supplies. I have no idea when or why Dell does this, but they do. Better ere on the side of caution, and buy one specifically for Dell. Besides, unless you have a bunch of hardware, the psu you have now will work fine.
  3. This is off the requirements page of the card

    "A 400W PCI Express-compliant system power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 26A or more"

    Should my 450w power supply be ok? its the "12V current rating of 26A or more" that has confused me because I don't know much about power supply units.

    Thanks for your replies
  4. you guys are fab thanks for the help :D
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