Old, dry HP cartridges being sold as new by HP

January 15, 2011
Re: HP printer cartridges. Reconditioned printer cartridges sold as new. Cartridges were not reconditioned and contained no ink.

On January 14, 2011 I purchased a combo-pack of HP (Hewlett-Packard) number 60 printer ink cartridges from WalMart for $31.97.

The cartridge box was a standard HP box which indicated that the box contained two number 60 cartridges, one Black and one Tri-Color. After opening the box at home, I found that it contained 3 (three) cartridges instead of two as stated on the box.

I noticed that all three cartridges were dirty (the print surface was stained with dried ink), and there was no protective plastic tape covering the print surface and the metal dot electrical connectors on the cartridges. The cartridges were also loose in the box, except for a small amount of white styrofoam or some other white substance.

I installed the cartridges in my HP Photosmart C4795 Wireless, Photo, Scan, and Copy printer. The printer worked OK and sounded like it was printing. The paper passed through the carriage However, the cartridges were all dry. None had any ink.

During installation, the printer screen indicated that I had installed reconditioned genuine HP cartridges. The box did not indicate that the cartridges were reconditioned. I though that I was buying new cartridges In fact, I had bought old HP cartridges that were never reconditioned and contained no ink.

The printer screen and the associated notice that popped-up on my computer screen said that ink levels could not be determined with these cartridges installed. I noticed that the box had never been opened until I opened it at home.

I have retained the box, the WalMart receipt and the three old useless cartridges.

This was very upsetting, and I had to return to WalMart to speak to the manager and buy new cartridges. In light of the recent class action lawsuit concerning HP cartridge false advertising, I have to say, is HP aware that it’s reputation is being ruined and sales will probably fall as these issues become more well known. Who is piloting the ship at HP?
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