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Guys (and Gals)

Like many people I have a sh1t load of media on my PC. I would like to do the following without having a noisy PC running 24/7.

a) Access my video/images/music on my HD-TV in the lounge.

b) Access my audio on my stereo in the bedroom. Would also like to select files without having to connect the unit TV (ie unit/remote will need to have a display).

At present my I have a Dlink wireless Modem/Router and would like to plug a NAS drive into it, am keen on DLINK's DNS-323 as it's Gigabit and has UPnP on it.

So I need to get the NAS drive and two boxes, one for Audio only (to connect to my stereo) and one box to connect to my TV/Home Theater. Any recommendations regarding the boxes to buy.

For the audio/video Dlinks DSM-520 specs look good, but have read some pretty bad reviews.

For the audio only Creative Labs WM6000 Digital Media Streamer looks good or perhaps Roku M2000 Digital Media Streamer. Does anybody know if they require a PC or will they work of a NAS drive with UPnP AV on it.

Any assistance is much appreciated....
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  1. Be aware that a gigabit interface hardly ever means gigabit performance; in fact, many (most?) of the low end NAS devices show little or no performance improvement from their 1000base-t interface compared with their 100base-t interface.

    Check out the NAS comparison charts on the Toms Networking site:

    NAS Chart

    Of the lower end NAS devices, the Buffalo Linkstation Pro (note: Pro) seems to have the best performance. Here is a Toms review of the device:

    Buffalo Linkstation Pro Review

    But, it is intended for small business, so be sure the features are present for what you want to do.

    You may also want to check out the new Maxtor's Shared Storage II NAS:

    Maxtor Shared Storage II Review
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