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I have a DFI-Nf4 , A64 3800 @ 2400 , 2Gb ram (4x512) DDR 400, Creative Live! and X1900XTX BBA.

Although i´ve seen all reviews about this videocard, and in all of them the board scored 100+ FPS in BF2 (highest settings) , I just score something about 60 FPS in BF2!

It´s to low guys. I cant understand whats happening.

My Powersupply is a Seventeam 600 EAD. All the connections are fine.

In 3DMark2006 I´ve scored 4888 but in BF2 the performance have been disapointing.

Im accounting on tips and directions from more experienced hardware addicteds.

Thank you very much.

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  1. With my 1900xtx I score 6085 in 3dmark06... so something is slowing you down, but I dont really have any advise on how to track it down.
  2. Quote:
    With my 1900xtx I score 6085 in 3dmark06... so something is slowing you down, but I dont really have any advise on how to track it down.

    Whats your cpu? How much ram? Mother board? Power supply? Thanks for your post.
  3. your processor might me limiting it.
    but i don't feel any difference going more than 60 fps
  4. My 1950XT reached a 3dmark06 score at 6000 with e6300 overclocked to 2.8G.
    Your Cpu should be the bottleneck.
  5. I doubt it is the cpu, since i have hit 100fps on a single core A64. What size monitor are you running, and what resolution are you running the game at?

  6. i get that score with my x1900gt(slightly oc'ed) so thats deff not normal. have u tried reinstalling windows?
  7. Your 3Dmark score is not that bad at all. You need to check and see how many programs you have running in the background. Hit "control-alt-delete" at the same time and click on "processes". I have unneeded programs shut down before I start gaming (usually 35 processes or less). Any more than that and you are using system resources that could be used for the game (I have an HP printer and the software they load on your system can be described as bloatware). Also, when you use four 512mb sticks of ram vs. two 1gig sticks I think you take a slight performance hit. Good luck.
  8. Firstly your FPS sounds about right in BF2. The biggest variable here is do you play on a 32 48 or 64 man servers. If your on a 64 man server your CPU and gpu are going to get taxed pretty hard. Now if your getting 60 ish on a 32 man that sounds like you might have an issue. I have E6600 With a 1900XT(max settings at 1280x1024 at 4xAA 8XAF + Adaptive AA) and in a 64 man server at full bore i average in the 70's though maps differ in performance.
  9. Someone already asked this, but I didn't see your answer.
    What monitor and refresh rates are you running? Are you using an LCD?
  10. Quote:
    I just score something about 60 FPS in BF2!

    This sounds like Vsync being on.
  11. First off, those benchmarks you saw @ 100+ FPS, were probably max FPS, not min or average. So that is why its so high. My system in the sig is 50 - 80fps depending the variables. Also no your CPU is not really limiting you when gaming. Toms did a review a while ago and it said the X1900XTX needed a 2.4ghz Athlon 64 or higher to not bottleneck it. Here is the thing, using a dual core CPU in 3Dmark06 will make your overall score jump a ridiculous amount, see my score in my sig and you will see what I am talking about. Everything seems fine on your comp and score, so I wouldn't worry about it to much.


  12. Bingo, or he is using an LCD with only 60hz refresh rate.
  13. ? 17CRT & 1280*1024 no aa af...
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