Win7 x64 4gb-3.25gb problem

i know there are many topic about this...but still i cant find any conclusion...or same prob as me...

My spec:

Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 @ 2.53GHZ
MOBO : Intel i945G
RAM : 2x2GB Kingston (4GB)
GPU : NVDIA GeForce 9500GT (512 MB)
Windows : Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (Clean Install)

The question:

I already search about my mobo...its says.. it does support 4gb max n x64 compatible...issit normal for me to have 3.25gb (Installed Memory), but when I run CPU-Z it says I have 4096MB. I already try search for the memory remap @ memory hole in bios..there is memory hole but the only option is disable or 15M-16M and doesn't do anything. Where the 750mb gone? to windows? or GPU? I just wanna make sure that I did proper job on installing x64...becoz before i use x64..i use x32 which has the same 3.25gb installed...I just wanna know which better on performance, since both x32 n x64 i installed shows 3.25gb since i have 4gb ram. I heard x32 is theres a limit for ram..thats why i wanna try x64...i tought i would be showing 4gb when I installed x64. I'm so confuse right now...since both show same 3.2gb usage...IDK which best for my 4gb...
(My PC is for gaming, On9 @ Off9...Crysis 2 (can play smooth on low setting), Dead Space (smooth on highest quality). Sry for the long question...just..need to know issit normal for 4gb to have 3.25...n which is better for my 4gb...x32 or x64...thx you..
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  1. 64 bit.
    Memory Hole is not the setting you are looking for, if your BIOS does have a setting that you need to change it would be called "Memory Remapping". Some BIOS have 2 settings for this, hardware and software, you will want to enable the hardware setting, if you have this option.
  2. hmm no luck...i can't find anything or similar to memory remapping...I think I will downgrade to x32...been tried x64 for 2 days now...seems like laggy...the mouse, the gaming...streaming videos...CPU usage gone up 100% even when im only open WMP songs...all I did in 2 days just update all things to latest..the driver, pc went 2x faster in x32...idk wht the problem...isn't x64 suppose to be faster/smoother? I just need suggestion which is best for the 4gb...x32 or x64...since its the same...only use x64 is way too laggy...
  3. Please explain exactly how you obtained and installed Windows 7 x64. I'm trying to figure out if you don't still have the 32bit version.
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