Compenant/part selection help please! xD

hihi! ive been thinking of building for bout 12 months now and i finally intend on doing so.
i kept putting it off and off etc.

Im in Australia and if i do mention any prices they are in $AUD.

i have a very rough outline of what is my desired system - but as this is first build i would like any possible suggestions etc on compenants and compatibility issues that you may see.
current pc has served well since 2000. went real into gaming in 2002-2005 then since havent really played any pc game. with newer games it sucks. so i stopped. might possibly play a few random games every month or so. would rate game usage as very rare.
graphic programs often used. will be also using maya too when i get it for new pc.

NOTE - I have no intention to overclock this system. I would prefer to keep the cost down as much as possible. im sorry for not providiing prices.

my aims are-
minimum 3-4 years without any major upgrades
vista ultimate compatibility
when i use it, it will be for video editing, downloadin music etc, graphics programs etc and some random gaming

ok now onto the compenants/parts i would like.

Case- NZXT Apollo - Black
PSU- unsure guidance required
Motherboard- unsure on motherboards. i want as many USB ports as possible as the amount i use is sickening.
CPU- either Core 2 Duo x6700 or x6800 Extreme
RAM- however much the motherboard will hold really - super high speed isnt required.
HDD- i would say id require about 250GB.
Video Card- well it has to be extremely good as i dont want to replace it when the nxt playtoy is released by invidia or ati nxt summer. would a 79xx cut it for vista? ive looked at the 8800's and they look real good but im not sure if the leap between the GTS and GTX is worth the extra $AUD200.( also im unsure whether this gprahics card will fit in the case? will it? its quite a monster)
Optical Drive 1- dvd+/- reader/writer (must be black)
Optical Drive 2- cd+/- reader/writer (must be black)
Floppy Drive- (must be black)
Soundcard- creative audigy 4
TV Tuner Card- im not sure what it is tbh, is it what it says on the tin? basically lets u watch all tv channels etc on ur pc? This is not essential.
Monitor- 22" Proview
Keyboard- already got that np
Mouse- already got that np
OS- Vista Ultimate
Extras- im going to get an extra fan for the front of the case as ther isnt one provided.

ok. any help would be great really.
the case is quite important as the comp will be visible more often than not to visitors etc. i really like the look of alienware cases so i have chosen this one. if u hav a case recomendation i will have a look but i really want somthing similar to the one i have noted.
i had originally gone for this raidmax ninja but i read some reviews and it turned out to be a shocker., cant find any major flaws yet for this one. but if anyone knows of any can u post them?

wow quite a beastly first post which could be perceived as me being lazy for leaving many blanks to be filled. but really i could have listed motherboards all day from where i will get the parts from but i would rather have someone who knows motherboards. i think i get the drift for them but i really dont want to buy the wrong one that isnt compatibile, since this place would probably skin me alive if even thought of saying refund or exchange.

so i hope its not too long and u dont give up halfway after reading my initial 2 and last 2 paragraphs which is basically me covering all bases before i post.

thanks in advance. it is greatly apreciated.

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  1. I can help you pick the parts if you post:

    a link to your e-store
    budget in your currency
  2. ok. - is where i will probably get most from, also while check out ebaystores perhaps too.,

    budget - under $AU3000 i think. i would prefer it to be less but i want this thing to last at least 3/4 years without major upgrades.


    edit- if they are any new parts coming out in nxt month or so that could be used in this system, just add them at the bottom xD thx
  3. Quote:
    C2D E6700

    Gigabyte GA-965P-S3

    2G Kit(2x1G) A-DATA 667 X 2
    235 X 2 = 470

    640MB 8800GTS MSI

    Seagate SATA 250G

    LG Black CD-RW

    16x Pioneer 111D Black

    Black 1.44M Floppy Disk Drive

    Creative Audigy 4

    120m (Ball Bearing) System Case Fan

    4 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card

    OCZ 600W GameXtream

    22” Proview FP2226AFW 5ms W.S. 2xD-Sub,1xDVI,HDMI

    *OEM MS Vista Ultimate

    Total 3087

    After the cost of the case & taxes, should be less than 3000$AU.

    The mobo has 10 USB: 4 in back; 6 on mobo. The case should have 2. You can find 2-port or 4-port USB brackets that install in the expansion card slots in the back of a case at any used pc parts stores for cheap. I added a 4 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card just in case. Total would be 14. You can add a few USB hubs with power adapters. Self/USB-powered USB hubs may not be enough to power some devices.

    You sure you're not doing 3d rendering? Just 2D/photography graphics? 7600GT can do what you're doing and more. 7900GS/X1950PRO would be great for gamers. You don't game much.

    Intel P965 chipset supports up to 8 gigabytes of memory. The list you linked doesn't have any 2gb sticks. The above setup has 4 gigs. Should be plenty even for Vista. Be sure to install the 64-bit to use 4 gigs. 32-bit supports up to 3.5 gigs. Ultimate comes with both versions on 2 dvds.

    Tip: install your existing XP with all XP drivers & apps, update all of them, then insert 64-bit Vista dvd in XP, choose upgrade. I'm not sure if it works. It worked perfect for my friend's laptop from 32-bit xp to 32-bit vista.

    667mhz ram is fine for stock speeds.

    The Antec Neo HE is top quality & stability. 500W leaves you room for future video upgrades.

    The Black NZXT Apollo looks slick & has all 2 120mm case fan mounts & a sideways drivebay. I'd look at these:
  4. thx for the help.,
    come to think of it i will probably be doing some 3d rendering.

    i wouldnt worry too much bout goin over my budget. i would like to have DX10; can i get that? i really want super dooper graphics xD - this is another site that i could gets a few odd bits from, i prefer the other one for most things since they are the cheapest place i can find, whereas the linked store in this post cost a bit more. if u can see any parts on ther that would be better feel free to add them too. such as 2gig ram sticks if u can see them.

    i really prefer the nzxt case. i spent hours on friday looking at cases after cases lol. the only other one that i liked was the antec p180.

    the price i will haggle with the seller, since i am buying a nearly all from them, im sure i can get them to throw in the monitor or soemthing similar.
  5. You're welcome.

    Updated the above list for a DX10 card & an OCZ psu. New total is over 3000 $AU.

    Although the Antec Neo Ne 500W 38A is enough to power the 8800GTS, there's no telling the power requirements of the next next-gen videos. The OCZ 600W 48A will be around for a long time even after video upgrades.
    A 400W PCI Express-compliant system power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 26A or more*
    One 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector

    Unfortunately, the other site you linked has overpriced 2gigs modules.
    Kingston 2048MB PC2-4200 533Mhz DDR2 RAM - CL4
    Kingston 2048MB PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 RAM - CL5

    I don't think they're worth the prices, considering the same brand same speed 1 gig stick is about 110 $AU. 4 gigs are pretty much the highest most people go for.

    Nothing wrong with the Nzxt case. It has 3 fan mounts & 2 120mm fans. The one listed above is most likely a generic black fan. If you want to attract customers looking through your case side panel, in addition to the OCZ emitting blue light from the bottom fan, you can stick this in the back & move the rear fan to the front which is empty:

    I have 2 of this in my & my family's pcs in the back. The blue light bounces off the wall to create a cool effect.

    What the hell! Might as well get this to protect your cpu:

    Again, it emits a blue light from the fan.
  6. Have you looked at the Antec 900 Case?
  7. @akhilles - thx! looks good. i will browse around and see if i can find a better price on the 2gig ram sticks.
    will probably get those extra fans u said too. dont want my cpu goin crazy coz its overheatin. if i get those fans, i presume i dont get the $5 one u listed yeh? heck its only 5 dollars can be a spare.
    thanks for ur help.

    @matrixinc - yeh i did but i wasnt too keen on it.

    now ive just got to find if the case i want is available in australia..
  8. Sure thing. The pc will last a long time under good care. Yep, get either case fan cuz the Nzxt case has 1 spare fan mount. CoolerMaster would be better.
  9. ok thanks.,
    the 2gig ram sticks i will want are PC2-4200 533Mhz DDR2 RAM or
    PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 RAM yeh?

    edit - just found this , seems a much more reasonable price; is it the right stuff?
  10. The one you linked converted to 545.5448 USD. In the U.S., the same ram is $390 USD.

    I'd just pick up 2 ddr2 2x1gb kits of any speed.
  11. yeh ok will just do that then unless i find better price. thx
  12. OK, just an update incase there are newer better parts i could use..
    Also notice how in 2 months or so the pricedrops!
    Will be purchasing parts this weekend (FINALLY)
    C2D E6700
    WAS-735 NOW-425

    Gigabyte GA-965P-S3
    WAS-155 NOW-143

    4GB (4x1GB) DDR2-677 Kit
    WAS-410 NOW-300

    640MB 8800GTS MSI
    WAS-579 NOW-585

    Seagate SATA 250G
    WAS-99 NOW-97

    LG Black CD-RW

    18x Pioneer 111D Black

    120m CoolerMaster LED Fan

    Zalman CNPS9700 LED

    4 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card

    OCZ 600W GameXtream
    WAS-185 NOW-166

    *OEM MS Vista Ultimate

    Total WAS-2769.95 NOW-2322.95


    If you have any suggestions/alternatives before purchasing suggest now or forever hold your peace.

    Thanks to akhilles for majority for part choosing origninally ^ ^
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