One long..3 short..only SOMETIMES with this new card. Help?

Okay so heres my problem. I just bought a new video card. A SAPPHIRE 100146DDVIL Radeon X1600XT 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 CrossFire Video Card (Per newegg.) Um...It does something very odd which makes me think the card may be damaged.

When I plug my card in..for the first time..It loads up. But when I try to restart or install drivers or do ANYTHING that causes the computer to reboot...the card won't load up and I get the infamous 1 long beep..3 short, which I know is a video type error. I plug in my old works fine.. I did just get a new motherboard theres a slight chance that could be part of the problem..but considering my old agp card works on this motherboard..I don't see how the other could not.

The odd thing is..if I take the new card out for an hour or 2 and put it back will load up..and everything will work fine...with the new video card..but only until I have to restart or anything like that..then it goes back to one long beep..3 short..and I can't get the card to work again until hours later.

At first I thought it was a heating issue..but i'm having a hard time understanding that because..once the card DOES work...I can have the computer on for hours and everythings fine..but as soon as I go to restart or all goes haywire again.

Has anyone heard of this happening before? Is the video card maybe.. PARTLY dmged? Where it will work sometimes..and other times it won't work. Its really confusing to me that it works after a while if I just don't bother putting it in there. Any help from anyone?

I'd really appreciate it any feedback. Thanks!

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  1. I'm not entirely sure, could be something to dow tih the RAM or something.

    But yeah just RMA it.
  2. A friend of mine got a radeon x1600pro agp and it gave blue screens and wouldnt work in his Asus A8V mobo... x1600's are probably more trouble than they are worth.
  3. You also mention that it is a crossfire card which is pci express but then you also mention your old card which works fine and that is agp.. are you usen an asrock board???
  4. Alright..thanks for the info so far guys.. I made sure that the bios was updated to the current version (which it was) And I cant figure out how to get more power to the card considering it has no plug in? (Is there a way to do it in the bios?) The motherboard is an Asus P4V800D-X ..At first I thought it was a compatibility issue..or..something like needing to set jumpers or something like that..problem is, I don't see how thats possible when ..once I get the damn thing workin, it doesn't mess up till next restart. Last night I got it working and I could play all my games etc full graphics..then I go to restart and now it won't even start up. Now that I've been using my old card all night I'm sure the new one would work again..but I want to get this fixed so I don't keep having this problem.

    The powersupply (though I can't remember the wattage offhand) was bought after buying the CPU..and I believe it was atleast a 500w ..As far as jumpers being set correctly to give it the right type of power..where would those jumpers be on the motherboard? I don't really know what jumpers to mess with in the first any help would be appreciated greatlyyyy.

  5. [q]
    The powersupply (though I can't remember the wattage offhand) was bought after buying the CPU..and I believe it was atleast a 500w[/q]

    I went and checked the PSU wattage and its 550. So that shouldn't be a problem, right?
  6. My bad...the PSU is a 450W..not a 550W. Though I don't think thats the problem. I'm starting to think it might just be a bad video card. The reason I say that is because..I just put in my AGP and accidently didnt put it in ALL the way and it did the 1 long beep and 3 short beeps that the other is doing. I just refit it, and its reading fine. It may just not be reading the PCI-E card at all. I think it may just be a bad card? I know it works once I get it working, but as soon as I restart it messes up again. Do you think it may just be that? The AGP card works fine, The MB drivers are up to date, and I don't see anything about "switching" between AGP and PCI-E at all...I might be able to get a friend let me use his card to try it out, but I'm not for sure. I guess that would be the best way to tell if it were the card eh? I hope its not the PCI-E Slot... Is there anything else I should try?
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