A quick one: choose one of these 2 PSUs

The best PSUs available at my local store are:
OCZ GameXStream 600W
Be Quiet BQT Straight Power E5-500W or 600W models

My new rig won't need more than 300W on full load (alerady calculated that), and I won't be overclocking, SLI-ing or water cooling it. Jus want the most reliable and silent model. I've seen the OCZ is included in the "quality" listing of the stickies, and was wondering if BeQuiet is not there because it's not a wordlwide brand or because it's not that good.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I'd go with the OCZ one. I've only seen a few reviews on the BQT PSUs and although the reviews are good as I said there's only a few of them.
  2. I was quite decided to get the OCZ, but then came across a couple people and reviews that pointed it is a bit noisy, with a continuous fan low noise (because of the powerful fan motor, they say) even at low workload. That's what made me wonder and consider the other PSU, because silence is a factor I will value almost as much as reliability.

    But then again, I'll go for the trusty OCZ then. Thanks for the input!
  3. Quote:
    Heres a good option for a lot less money. I have used about 8 of these in moderate powered builds.


    Its $74 w/free shipping at zipzoomfly if you dont want to bother with the rebate.
    That is not available at my local store, and I need to get all the pieces thre for an overall 15% discount. That's why I had those 2 options mentioned before. Thanks for the hint anyway :)
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