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Pre-Overclock confusion E4300 (temps)

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February 9, 2007 2:12:20 PM


I just built my C2D system with a Gigabyte P965-DS3, Core 2 Duo E4300 with stock cooler running at stock settings. I have two 80mm fans on the front and two on the back of the case.

I am confused about how my temperatures are doing - I read the sticky guide but now I am confused that my TAT and Core Temp readings are so different? Sorry I'm half asleep today can anybody take a look at these and tell me if they think everything is ok?

Ambient Temp 22C. Stock E4300 settings.

Idle (no seti etc)

Bios - System Temp 34C CPU Temp 30C
Speedfan Temp1 - 34C Temp2 - 24C
CoreTemp(C0/C1) 30C/30C
TAT(C0/C1) 46C/46C

50% Load (TAT one core test) 5mins
Speedfan Temp1 - 34C Temp2 - 40C
CoreTemp(C0/C1) 50C/44C
TAT(C0/C1) 65C/60C

100% Load (TAT both cores on test) 5 mins
Speedfan Temp1 - 34C Temp2 - 50C
CoreTemp(C0/C1) 55C/55C
TAT(C0/C1) 69C/69C


I thought TAT and CoreTemp were supposed to match?

Any comments am I running OK? Safe to overclock?


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February 10, 2007 10:04:18 AM

I've contaced Core Temp and Intel regarding this problem.

E4300 only: Temperatures reported by TAT are offset by +15c, and should be diregarded. Continue to use TAT for load testing. Temperatures reported by Core Temp are correct.

The Core 2 Duo Temperature Guide has been updated accordingly.

Thank you for your post,

CompuTronix 8)